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La Tigra, Chaco. A quiet town only 20 blocks long. Esteban returns after years of absence to the place where he spent his childhood summers. He returns looking for his father, Cacho, and to talk "about Buenos Aires". But Cacho, a truck driver who has started a new family in La Tigra, is often on the road and their encounter is postponed indefinitely. While he waits, Esteban meets Vero, a childhood friend that has grown into a beautiful woman. Each step together seems to take them back to the most precious moments of a shared memory. But their relationship is not a journey into the past; rather it holds the promise of a future. Federico Godfrid's and Juan Sasiaín's first feature film transmits the warmth, honesty and sadness of this reunion, thanks to its mise en scène and the performances of Ezequiel Tronconi and Guadalupe Docampo, who give their characters a rare spontaneity.

Envíos a todo el planeta.

Retiralo personalmente en la feria de Villa de las Rosas, Córdoba, Argentina los días sábados.

O próximamente en el MALBA, Buenos Aires.